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Kathy Newman - My Story

After 15 very difficult years in my life, I slowly began my Spiritual and healing journey at the end of 2007, when, just as I didn't think that things could get any worse, I found myself caring for my husband (who was an alcoholic), 3 children, a design business, a mortgage and no way of supporting any of it on my own.  Gradually over a month, I had to close my business, walk away from my home and move us all into rented accommodation, not knowing how I was going to cope.  I remember sitting on the floor in our new home in tears, surrounded by endless boxes and barely enough money to eat that evening, when I looked around me with a huge realisation that I had kept a roof over our heads, we were all safe and I was never going to be in such a desperate position again.  I had an absolute 'knowing' that all was well.  I couldn't at that time tell you where that feeling came from, but I can say with absolute certainty today, that hitting rock bottom changed my life forever.  Amazing people started coming into my life, just when I needed them.  Wonderful, inspirational books seemed to find me.......and so my journey of 'self discovery' was born.


Today I am stronger than I have ever been.  I have re-built my design business and helped others to grow their dreams and realise their own potential.  Life is about experiences, and we can make those experiences as easy or as hard as we want with our thoughts and beliefs. Change really does happen when you change your thoughts!


Don't let 'your story' rule your life.  Making a Change For Life!

Kathy x