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By Kathy Newman, Aug 18 2016 02:49PM

So today starts another chapter in my life. 2 of my children have already gone on to their new lives and experiences, and now my last one is flying the nest for his new found independence and dreams at University. I am so proud of them all achieving so much after a difficult, turbulent and very emotional 15 years. I know I can now sit back (to a degree) and know that I have given them the tools necessary to live their extraordinary lives and to live from their own magnificence....which they definitely have heaps of!

The questions within me now, is what do I want? What are my goals? What is my lifes path? It may be an emotional time as our children begin to leave, but it's also a very exciting time in so many ways. The realisation that we now have the time, there's absoutely nothing holding us back.......scary huh? We just have to break through those fears, get rid of those chains and hurtle into, what many of us feel is, the unknown. That's when I get excited! The possibilities are endless......!

When Alex, my youngest son, got his results through this morning, and he knew he was off to University, he turned to me and said "this is going to be the very first time you have ever been on your own!" I hadn't quite thought of like that, but it certainly hit me then!! So here I am sharing my story as I know there will be many other parents going through exactly the same thought process.....at least once the initial excitement has passed and reality sets in.

I am 51, going through the menopause and suffering with a 'text book' write up of hot flushes all day and all night, can't sleep, trouble remembering anything, mood swings......ahhh the joys!! I am already working on embracing, what I now call 'the change' or as someone mentioned a few years back, 'the gentlepause' which I like too, all directing us to a new life full of dreams and possibilities. Haven't you noticed how when you say that you are going through something, everyone else seems to be going through it worse than you? Whenever I mention the challenges I am having with the menopause everyone pipes up to tell me that the symptons will last 10 to 20 years or that I'm going to lose bone density etc, etc! As I have studied some of the most amazing teachers and the science behind their teaching, Quantum Physics and absolutely know, without a shadow of a doubt, that our subconscious creates our body, our life, the people in our life, and that the only way to change anything is by using our emotions, our feelings. I don't have to 'suffer' through the menopause, the change, if I don't want that to be my belief system. I can 'feel' emotional about Alex leaving for University, especially when you 'feel' it as a grieving process as part of the healing of letting go, before you move onto feeling EXCITED about new possibilites. This can be done in any part of your life and through any challenge.

Life can be one miracle after another when we view and 'feel' life in a new, inspired way....let's all get EXCITED for change!

Love from your biggest Fan x

You Are The Placebo - Joe Dispenza