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I first came to Kathy for a healing session because I know her to be an authentic and trustworthy person, but also because I was curious about the technique.  It was a lovely experience for me.  Kathy had a calm and welcoming vibe from the beginning and I felt at ease straight away.  Once we began the healing, I immediately felt pleasant physical sensations that had a sort of ebb and flow as the session progressed.  I was left with a sense of calm and clarity that continued for days afterwards.  I recommend Reconnective Healing for anyone, whether you're feeling stressed and a bit burned out, or even if you simply want to have better access to the stillness and clarity within.



Reconnective Healing with Kathy is subtle, yet powerful, giving a calmness and relaxation at a very deep level to the physical and emotional body.  Thank you.



I felt such a deep sense of relaxation as if I'd had a good night's sleep !. As Kathy worked around me I was aware of letting go of tension in the body, I saw colours and some lovely images. I guess its diffferent for everyone. I certainly felt relaxed as if I'd had a wonderful massage, lots of tension just melted away!



What a wonderful Reconnective Healing session yesterday, and I still feel great today!  I had a wonderful night’s sleep (the first in several weeks!) and really do feel recharged. Thank you Kathy!



I wasn't sure what to expect when I went for my first reconnective healing treatment with Kathy, but I wish I could see her at least once a week!  She has such a happy relaxed way about her which made me feel immediately comfortable and the healing was not only physical but emotional. Each time I see her the treatment helps more than the last time. Highly recommend healing sessions with Kathy



As a sports therapist I was very intrigued by the treatment Kathy offers but I kept finding reasons not to try it.  So after months of wondering whether to, I finally decided to give it a go, after all I had nothing to lose!  To start with a few old gremlins came to light but those memories were released during the session and didn't resurface.  I felt very chilled afterwards, just what I needed at the time!  I then had a few more sessions after being unwell at the end of the year, and each time I felt much calmer afterwards.  I was also able to practice a bit of meditation and use positive visualisation over the next few days.  I don't find this easy to do so I made the most of it!  Over time the feeling of 'having let something go' comes to mind.  No idea what that might be but actually it doesn't matter.  I have made a few positive changes in my life over the last few weeks, I definitely wasn't ready to do that 3 months ago!



Kathy is very warm and welcoming! I had a short appointment with Kathy after attending a bootcamp class and suffering from aches in my upper arms.   I was amazed, after the healing the aches and pains  had gone. I was very impressed and would highly recommend her services, and will certainly be using again. Thank you again Kathy xx



I just had another wonderful appointment with Kathy. She is warm, friendly and lovely to spend time with, and I always feel energised and reinvigorated after seeing her. I highly recommend the Reconnective Healing but I'm sure that anyone would feel better after spending time with Kathy, regardless of the type of appointment.


Sam Jones